Looking Back 🌵

There are moments where we break into small pieces waiting for the right person to help us unite them. Take my hand and help me get up do not break me anymore, do not break me anymore please, I'm alone. I ran for help but it was too late. I did not think I would... Continue Reading →


A Retrograde Society ⏰

Trapped in the folds of their gowns and in the dust of their old books, many live a short life, no matter how many years they have, their lives seem to be so limited. I spend every day listening to his retrograde comments and feeling his eyes on me, many years are those who I... Continue Reading →

Coming Home 🌈

The trip was long and many times I got lost, I went out to find myself however the farther I went the less I recognized myself. I went in search of stories so that when I was old I could tell, forgetting that my life without meaning was there. Blame everyone who wanted to help... Continue Reading →

Our Legacy

I usually spend hours in front of the monitor thinking about what to write, if they like it or if someone is interested in what I write. I have been about to leave everything and not write again, but every time I'm close to doing it, the memories come to my mind, all the situations... Continue Reading →

Part of me ☄

I looked in the distance and I could see the storm that was approaching, I could see that shine in your eyes that told me forever. I was stubborn and could not stand the reality and even sometimes my mind left this world, my subconscious constantly struggled to show me the truth and there were... Continue Reading →

On the Other Side of Silence

We never have enough, we always crave more and more when it is something we can not have. Stop cheating and accept that you ruined it, nobody knows what we have hidden behind the walls. We thought to leave the problems in the door but you do not stop repeating what is wrong and I... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Complete Stranger ✉

Finding yourself was never so difficult, we live in an era in which we are not all lucky enough to have that close figure that everyone talks about. A relationship of which neither of them would be hurt if they were really connected, that is not my luck as much as I wished with all... Continue Reading →

The Lies of a Teenager🃏

Sometimes I forget that people lie, I do not understand why they do it and I am really tired of listening to lies. Everything would be easier if the lie did not exist and everyone will respect the opinion of the other, I just can not understand how someone can lie almost every day of... Continue Reading →

Destroyed by life. 💣

Physically I was exhausted, mentally I was destroyed. I can not see clearly what is happening, everything is very fast and I am afraid of losing something and realizing too late. The feeling that something is about to happen keeps me alert, but it is exhausting and frustrating to see that nothing you do or... Continue Reading →


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